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Glass Block Tools And Masonry Tools
From Block It Glass Block

When you choose to purchase high quality Pittsburgh Corning Glass Blocks from Block It Glass Block, you will be pleased to learn that we offer a complete selection of all the glass block tools, masonry tools, glass block installation tools and materials that you will need to complete your project. Regardless of whether you are installing a glass block shower or building a large commercial project, we have the supplies you need to get it done right. We keep many common glass block installation tools and glass block accessories in stock and can ship them the same day via UPS or FedEx and provide you with tracking information so you know when to expect your items. Tuckpointers, trowels, strikers, cement, spacers, panel reinforcements, expansion strips, panel anchors and more are among our most popular items. Small quantity orders are always welcome and we offer a discount on bulk orders.

Tuckpointers – Trowels - Strikers

Block It Glass Block is proud to offer high quality tuckpointers, trowels, and strikers from manufacturers such as Marshalltown. Our tuckpointers, trowels, and strikers are made from high quality materials and will provide you with years of use. Whether you are using glass block tools on a home improvement project or daily use on commercial installation projects, tuckpointers, trowels, and strikers from Block It Glass Block can stand up to the demands of all glass block installations. When combined with our glass block cement products, our glass block installation tools can help you create glass block projects that will provide years of beauty and functionality. Order your glass block tuckpointers, trowels, and strikers today so you can start creating your dream glass block projects as soon as they arrive.

Cement – Spacers

When designing and building any glass block project, you are going to need a way to hold all those beautiful glass blocks in place. Whether you choose to use glass block cement, or go with a mortar-less installation, Block It Glass Block has every thing you need to secure your glass block projects. Our high quality cement will insure that your glass block structures stand the test of time. When combined with our tuckpointers, trowels, and strikers, your glass block cement application will have a clean and professional look. If you are looking for a more simple way to install glass blocks consider using our ProVantage system. This system utilizes spacers, bonded with silicone, and finished with a special tile grout. Contact us today to learn more!

Reinforcements - Strips - Anchors

At Block It Glass Block we have all of the necessary accessories to provide your glass block project with the stability it needs to stand the test of time. If you are working on a commercial glass block project we have expansion strips available. Our Polyethylene foam expansion strips will provide the necessary room for expansion and contraction caused by weather, as well as protecting your glass blocks as the building settles. Our panel anchors are available in stainless steel or galvanized steel and are used in glass block installations to attach glass block walls to side structures to provide added strength and stability. Panel reinforcements from Block It Glass Block are also available in stainless or galvanized steel, and are used between glass blocks to add strength to your installation when the cement has dried.

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