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Architectural Systems
From Block It Glass Block

Commercial and residential builders and homeowners can benefit from the wide selection for architectural glass block systems from Block It Glass Block. We offer high quality glass block products from the Pittsburgh Corning company that when combined with specific installation techniques can offer increased resistance to hurricanes, fires, and ballistics. We also offer architectural systems such as our solar tubes that can provide your building with added light, as well as modern style. For design professionals looking to add beauty, strength, and increased versatility to their projects, glass block architectural systems from Block It Glass Block offer the perfect solution. Glass block construction has many benefits including added security, increased visibility, resistance to noise, graffiti resistant, and more. Glass block architectural systems also can help designers and builders obtain LEED® building certification through increased energy efficiency and sustainable design.

Hurricane Resistant

Block It Glass Block provides homeowners, business owners, builders and contractors with hurricane resistant glass block products from Pittsburgh Corning. When hurricane force winds are a concern, it is important to use a material that can stand up to the elements. Our hurricane resistant glass block products meet and exceed current Miami-Dade County building codes. Most damage occurs during hurricanes as a result of flying building material debris. Most buildings collapse as a result of failure of the doors and windows. Hurricane resistant glass block and pressure-applied silicone provide excellent protection from flying debris and will help to maintain the structural integrity of your building.

Fire Resistant

When it comes to resistance from fire builders and contractors can depend our high quality Pittsburgh glass block products. Safe building design benefits greatly from the inherent fire resistant quality of glass blocks. When all installation specifications are followed properly it is possible to create structures that can offer protection from fires for 45 minute, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. When looking for the largest variety of patterns and only a 45 minute fire rating is needed, you can choose our Premiere Series Glass blocks. For projects that require more formidable protection, consider Thickset 60, Thickset 90, or Vistabrik solid glass blocks from Block It Glass Block.

Ballistic Resistant

Block It Glass Block offers high quality Pittsburgh Corning ballistic resistant glass block products to builders, contractors, and business owners. Glass block is stronger than regular glass as a result of the increased face thickness and the mortar that binds them together. This offers increase protection against force entry because glass blocks are difficult to break. Our 3-inch Vistabrik solid glass block, when installed properly according to exact specifications, can help to protect against penetration from high impact ballistics such as 9mm and .357 magnum bullets. These impressive blocks have been UL® tested and are component recognized for ballistic levels 1,2, and 6.

Solar Tubes

At Block It Glass Block we are please to offer our customers innovative glass block products such as solar tubes. Our glass block solar wall tubes offer designers and builders a way to bring innovative and unique designs to life. Our solar tubes are available in several sizes and take the place of standard masonry units. When your structure is constructed from multi-wythe walls, you can use solar tubes from Block It Glass Block to allow increased light transmission and to provide improved thermal performance. Our solar tubes are available in 8 inch and 16 inch sizes and a variety of depths depending on the thickness of your walls.

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